Dear eDCSD Elementary Families,
Our elementary students will be starting a new unit blended this week where they will learn about animal rights. Please read the announcements below.

What happened last week at Blended?
There was no blended this past Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday.

What is coming up at Blended?
This Monday, January 22nd at blended, students will begin a unit about animal rights and special will be PE.

Blended Reminders
Please remember that teachers are busy preparing for class before blended. If you would like to discuss your student’s progress, please reach out to the teachers and make an appointment to meet. In addition, blended pick up time is 12:00 noon. Activities run until the end of blended so please wait until 12:00 and teachers will send students into the main office when they are finished and ready to be picked up.

Vending machine (All Students)
You may have noticed that we have procured a small vending machine (if not,it is in the…